Socratic dialog at the Writing Center front desk

Me: We don’t have any 40 minute appointments available tomorrow, but we do have some on Wednesday.

Student: I’d rather just get it done tomorrow. Do you have like 10 minutes? It doesn’t matter how long the appointment is. My professor doesn’t care.

Me: Your professor doesn’t care?

Student: Well, I mean, I guess he cares. He wants us to have a full appointment, so I guess 40 minutes, but I guess 10 minutes is ok.

Me: Ten minutes is ok?

Student: Well, I mean, it’s going to have to do, I guess, since it’s all you have tomorrow.

Me: Ten minutes will do?

Student: Well, I’m sure my professor would rather I have a full appointment . . .

Me: Your professor would rather you have a full appointment?

Student: Yeah, because, you know, then we can get more in depth with my paper and  . . .

Me: Your professor wants you to get more in depth with your paper?

Student: Well, yeah, I mean, he wants us to improve our writing.

Me: I see. Your professor wants you to improve your writing. Would you like a 40 minute appointment on Wednesday?

Student: Yeah, that would be great. Because I really do need to improve my writing.