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Socratic dialog at the Writing Center front desk

Me: We don’t have any 40 minute appointments available tomorrow, but we do have some on Wednesday. Student: I’d rather just get it done tomorrow. Do you have like 10 minutes? It doesn’t matter how long the appointment is. My … Continue reading

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Defining Academic Literacy

I have reassigned time this semester to research and write a grant proposal. I’m proposing developing an academic literacy program I created with a colleague in 2008 into something bigger and better. I spent a good part of today researching … Continue reading

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Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

Back by popular demand . . . from my old, defunct class blog. I am happy to write letters of recommendation for students and former students who have impressed me with their intellect, creativity, motivation, leadership, or ability to surmount … Continue reading

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What teachers want

Seth Kahn’s brilliant response to Thomas Friedman’s “Teaching for America” perfectly captures what the teachers I know want and puts the whole “merit pay” thing into perspective: To the Editor: I agree with Thomas L. Friedman that we need to elevate … Continue reading

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Enabling Usable Student Feedback

I have several frustrations with student evaluations of instruction: the questions or prompts are usually not very useful (such as, “were your assignments graded fairly?” Many student interpret this question as, “did you get the grades you wanted?”) there is … Continue reading

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Instrumentalism (imagine a circle/slash around that)

“Yet many teachers (and I suspect most) look upon their vocations as the imparting of a largely mechanical skill, important only because it serves students in getting them through school and in advancing them in their professions. [. . . … Continue reading

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Rebirth (sounds more dramatic than “moving”)

I’m in the process of migrating my blog over here–part of rethinking my digital life. To do: save entries on old blog to pdf and make them available in this blog’s archives decide on topics and rotation for regular entries. … Continue reading

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